Mobile proxies for any task! Differences between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies

Мобильные прокси под любые задачи! Отличия прокси IPv4 и IPv6

Specialists who are professionally engaged in SMM are well acquainted with the concept of “proxy”. Almost every third-party service collects data about its visitors, mobile proxies are required to hide or change information, parsing subscribers or posts on various topics, analyzing the profile of competitors and many other purposes. With a direct connection to the service, there is a possibility of account blocking due to an increase in the load provided.

What tasks do mobile proxies solve – what are they for?

Mobile proxies perform the same function as classic proxies – all information from the source is passed through the servers, after which a response comes. However, the two technologies have several major differences. They are as follows:

  • Mobile proxies are often referred to as rotating or backconnect-proxy. This technology is actively used by mobile operators. When a large number of users access the network from mobile devices, several IPs are used, since at the output one request is generated for all requested Internet projects. The high load from one IP leads to the fact that various services perceive it as spam and block the address.
  • Social networks and systems other than the IP address read other data. If they do not match, the account is blocked.

Modern mobile proxies naturally change their IP address and transmit correct data to the server. Therefore, the account is not blocked. You can buy a proxy for simultaneous parsing of various information from social networks from multiple accounts, but from one device.

Мобильные прокси под любые задачи! Отличия прокси IPv4 и IPv6

Some people think that rotating proxies are used only for black marketing methods on social networks or search engines. However, their purpose is much broader. Such services are often used by digital specialists, they are required:

  • Software developers when launching software and promoting it, when they need to test an application through multiple connections.
  • Marketers and SEO specialists when checking competitors ‘statistics, compiling a semantic core, analyzing subscribers’ actions and performing other work.
  • Advertising professionals when looking for information on various resources or launching a large number of advertising campaigns.
  • For bloggers to get information about competitors, mass following and mass liking, tracking statistics.
  • Ordinary users who seek to maintain their anonymity on the network.
  • To bypass locks. A situation often occurs when access to a resource from one country is limited for a variety of reasons. Examples include blocking Instagram, Gmail and Twitter in China. You can work around it by changing your own IP address. Having ordered the corresponding service, the request is first sent to the server, then with the changed address it reaches the final address.
  • Checking access to a resource from different countries of the world, developing a dynamic project that displays information depending on where the request comes from. When using a proxy server, you can select an IP address.

Other users decide to buy mobile proxies, it all depends on the specifics of a particular case.

What is the difference between proxy IPv6 and IPv4?

В чем отличие между прокси IPv6 и IPv4?

Proxy server addresses are IPv4 and IPv6, the main difference concerns the address space. It should be borne in mind that not all services, for example, social networks, support IPv6 proxies. IPv4 proxies are much more expensive due to their popularity.

The technical characteristics of the two types differ significantly. The differences between IPv4 and IPv6 are as follows:

  • Address. The IPv4 version has a network and host address, with IPv6 64 bits are used to determine the network number, the other 64 bits are used for the host number.
  • The address mask is only used for 32 bit encryption.
  • Domain Name System (DNS). You can buy an IPv4 proxy to convert hostnames to IP addresses using the socket API, in the case of IPv6, the reverse translation function is used.

Many people decide to buy a mobile proxy server due to the fact that services perceive subnets with the addresses of cellular operators as more trustworthy. Therefore, there are no difficulties with bypassing the blocking.

IPv4 is considered an obsolete Internet protocol that uses address masks. At least 4 billion IPs of this type have been created in the world.

IPv6 is a new version of the Internet Protocol, it quadruples the space for making requests. Addresses of this type will be sufficient for another 10 years, since they are rarely used. The problem is that such an Internet protocol is not supported by many resources.

Mobile proxies have a certain switching range at a given interval. In most cases, the address is switched every 2 minutes; after purchasing several proxies, you can get several hundred IP addresses. This greatly simplifies the task of bypassing locks.

How do mobile proxies work? Do they really maintain privacy?

Мобильные прокси

The work of proxy servers can be seen on the example of visiting the social network Instagram. The features are as follows:

  • The ending of the IP address changes several times with each placement of the social network. This is due to the way NAT works. The end change occurs when moving around the city.
  • The social network has learned to determine trust IP addresses, therefore, with multiple requests, for example, when parsing, it adds it to the black list.
  • Third-party servers completely change the IP address, which reduces the likelihood of adding an account or device to the blacklist.

As far as privacy is concerned, it is only ensured when using elite servers. Private mobile proxies only do not transmit the client’s IP address to the server, but important information is sent via JavaScript or Cookie. The servers through which the connection is made can keep their own records, keeping all the transferred information: logins or passwords.

Such mobile proxies are not cheaply sold, since special technologies are used to ensure the proper degree of anonymity. You should trust only trusted companies, the transmitted information about the client can be stored on its servers.

Examples of their use are in the creation of services for collecting information about competitors in a social network. Each client connects his own account, but all parsing actions are carried out from different IP addresses. Due to this, the creators of such services guarantee that their clients’ accounts will not be added to the blacklist.

How to choose mobile proxies and where is it better to buy them?

Мобильные прокси

Mobile proxies are distributed at different prices, it all depends on the country and city. The cheapest services are provided by companies from Russia. When choosing, several points are taken into account:

  • Price. Do not forget that too low an indicator indicates insufficient quality of the services provided. To determine the average market price, it is enough to analyze several offers from well-known companies.
  • Speed. Many companies that provide mobile proxies indicate the connection speed. It should be borne in mind that when the server is loaded too much, the speed drops dramatically.
  • Safety. Many servers hide information about the IP address, which allows you to maintain the privacy of all actions on the network.

Depending on the content of the sent HTTP headers and the degree of security, proxy servers are divided into several types:

  • Highly anonymous or elite. In their work, they do not embed important information about the client in the HTTP header. Due to this, the real IP address of the client cannot be determined. In this case, the highest connection security is ensured.
  • Anonymous. Such variants pass a small amount of information in the HTTP header that indicates that the client is using a proxy service. However, the real IP address is not registered. This level of anonymity is sufficient for most users.
  • Distorting. Some servers will spoof the IP address by including only part of it in HTTP. In most cases, the transmitted information is sufficient to identify the user, but this requires special software.
  • Transparent. In this case, all information about the client of the service is added to the HTTP header. Transparent mobile proxies do not provide anonymity on the network.

In most cases, it is the price that becomes the decisive factor; after paying for the service, the user will be able to estimate the connection speed. If there is a server drawdown, another company is selected.

You can buy mobile proxies from SocProxy. It allows you to connect an IPv4 or IPv6 proxy server to perform various tasks. A distinctive feature is powerful multichannel servers, the dedicated channel has a speed of 1 Gbps. Employees of the company provide 24/7 support.

Most users use a mobile proxy to maintain anonymity when performing various activities on the network. Digital specialists cannot do without such a service, since their actions lead to an increase in the load on the server from one IP address. Such actions become the reason for blocking the account or device.

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