Rent dedicated server. Benefits of renting a web server for business

Rent dedicated server

Dedicated server is an indispensable solution for the company, which we use to find high-quality communication. The server is equipped for the needs of the client and is inherited by him for rent. This solution guarantees stable and harmless operation and data security. Dedicated server service is necessary if your information system, database, file feeder, etc. consumes a large amount of server resources.

By alignment with the purchase of a server lease is much cheaper. You save money not only on providing expensive equipment, but also on the cost of maintaining the staff performing maintenance.

This service will be provided to you by our specialists. In addition, if the available capacity of the leased server becomes unworthy due to the expansion of your projects, we can offer you another, More powerful and modern one for rent. Renting a web server will allow you to work stably today, without large financial investments and without being distracted by a technical rack

Rent dedicated server for business

Rent dedicated server

The purchase and installation of powerful physical servers at the enterprise or in the office of the company requires a significant investment of funds, as well as constant additional costs associated with the configuration and maintenance of server equipment.

Renting a powerful dedicated server can become a great affordable option for solving the tasks associated with the need to use such equipment. Dedicated and virtual servers are needed by:

  • large companies and corporations to power a significant amount of data, conduct large projects that require high computing power;
  • large online stores, for some critical page loading speed;
  • it is much higher when using dedicated server than when using virtual hosting or VPS / VDS;
  • portals with high traffic, entertainment or news resource to solve the problem of increasing the page loading speed with a large number of site visitors;
  • companies providing services for online business in the field of digital technologies or providing services for the creation and promotion of websites.

When renting a dedicated server, all its computing resources will be available at your favorite time, unlike virtual hosting, in which the capacity of the equipment is divided among all users. Renting server equipment, a game server with a security guarantee and ensuring uninterrupted Internet access is available and in high demand.

Terms and price of server rental

Choosing a suitable server of the required configuration and concluding a lease deal can be done in a specialized company that offers reasonable prices and further maintenance of equipment during its operation. There is an opportunity to buy or rent a dedicated server deployed in the company’s data center, as well as a lease in which the physical transfer of equipment to the client is carried out.

In the first case, the data center assumes the promise of unlimited traffic, connecting the server to the network, initial configuration of equipment, allocation of 1 IPv4 address, pre-installation of remote access, quick replacement of failed nodes.

If the client offers to install equipment on their premises, it should be noted that when transferring the server, it is attached to pay its collateral cost.

How much does it cost to rent a dedicated server?

The cost of renting a virtual, cloud or dedicated server in a data center per month depends on its price at the time of the transaction. To hide prices, discuss rental terms, order services and get additional information regarding cooperation, you can call the phone number listed on the website of the company with which you plan to conclude a lease transaction.

To rent a server or to order the rental of server space at an affordable price is important, to ensure the possibility of stable operation without additional investments.

Advantages of renting a dedicated server

Advantages of renting a dedicated server

You can use a remote virtual server obtained by dividing one server into several virtual independent devices using special programs, a cloud server, prior access to the server resources of the provider company. However, when renting single or multiple dedicated servers, the client will have the opportunity to use modern high-performance high-performance equipment with minimal costs, excluding the purchase of expensive servers and components, as well as subsequent costs associated with their maintenance and maintenance overhaul.

Renting a physical server, equipped in compatibility with the established tasks, will be a reasonable solution if it is necessary to promise stable and harmless operation and data security. Remote access and dedicated server rental services, as well as renting space for deploying your own physical server on the data center area, are profitable and comfortable, since the price is low, while the company guarantees a high level of service and collection of all standards that ensure the smooth operation of equipment, such as the installation of centralized uninterruptible power supply, air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems.

After purchase, dedicated servers are provided within 24 hours. At your request, one of the proposed operating systems can be installed on the leased server. You can also choose whether to install the operating system with or without the ISPmanager Lite control panel.

When choosing to install the OS with the control panel, the following are immediately installed on the server: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Exim, Mod_perl, Mod_ssl, phpMyAdmin, ProFTPd, Awstat, bind.

If you did not find the necessary OS in the ones we offered, or you want to do the installation yourself, this is not a problem, using PXE boot you can install the OS yourself.

Server Administration

Server Administration

After purchase, the server is provided to the client without software with access to the remote server management interface (IPMI) and with data for network configuration. The client needs to install the software, maintain its operability, and transfer data independently.

The company provides administration of dedicated servers as an additional service to renting a physical server. Maintenance includes equipment maintenance, monitoring of stable routing operation, installation of the operating system, data backup and much more.

When ordering administration, the client gets the opportunity to use the test server for 5 days.

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