Dell Technologies Telecom Solutions Simplify and Accelerate Modern, Open Network Deployments

News summary Dell Telecom Multi-Cloud Foundation is a modern network infrastructure solution with telecom cloud [...]

Dell Technologies and VMware Facilitate Improved IT Agility for Munich Re

News Summary Multi-cloud approach with Dell Technologies and VMware facilitates improved IT agility and adherence [...]

NASA prepares for a mission to the moon as part of the Artemis flight, which will take place in 3 phases

NASA has made public a document with a detailed description of the mission to the [...]

Microsoft Windows XP source code leaked

The 4chan forum posted the source code for Windows XP. The site claims that this [...]

USA scientists create a device to control the growth of human cells

Scientists from the University of Santa Cruz UCSC, California, reported the development of a bioelectric [...]

Dell Technologies Edge Advancements Extend IT Beyond the Data Center

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – October 13, 2021 News summary Dell EMC VxRail satellite nodes extend [...]

Dell Technologies Telecom Software and Solutions Speed 5G and Open RAN Innovation

New telecom offerings automate the deployment and management of open, cloud-native network infrastructure to fast-track [...]

A Bright New Aurora on the Horizon: Alienware Unveils New Flagship Desktop to Commemorate its 25th Anniversary

A Bright New Aurora on the Horizon: Alienware Unveils New Flagship Desktop to Commemorate its [...]

Dell Technologies and VMware Drive Simplicity with New Multi-Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions

Dell Technologies and VMware Drive Simplicity with New Multi-Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions: News summary Dell [...]

Forget Windows 10 – this operating system will be retired…

It would seem that until quite recently the whole world was sad because a whole [...]

NBC Olympics Selects Dell Technologies Storage Systems for Its Production of Olympic Games in Tokyo

Dell EMC PowerScale family of storage systems to enable NBC Olympics to store and manage [...]

Look your best with the world’s most intelligent 4K webcam in its class

The pandemic forever changed the relevance of video conferencing. Just one week into global lockdowns, [...]

Dell Technologies welcomes Windows 11. News Dell & Microsoft

Dell is excited about Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 11 operating system. Please find [...]

Alienware & Team Liquid Partner to Encourage the Good in Gaming

Over the last decade, we’ve had the privilege of nurturing the rapid growth of esports. [...]

X Marks the Spot: Alienware targets new frontiers with brand new X-Series Gaming Laptops

Some search far and wide for the “X factor” of mobile PC gaming — the [...]

Amazon presented cloud service with video games Luna

Amazon decided to keep up with the competitors of gaming platforms and entered the cloud [...]

Wikipedia will change its design for the first time in a decade

The first redesign of Wikipedia in ten years was announced by the Wikimedia Foundation, which [...]

Microsoft: HoloLens 2 Helps Build NASA’s Orion Space Shuttle

Even the most declared skeptic left no doubt that NASA again wants to send a [...]

Microsoft lifted flooded data center from the seabed as part of Project Natick experiment

While Apple updates its iPhones to iOS 14 and sells new Apple Watch with iPad, [...]

OldGremlin attacks large companies and banks in Russia

The Group-IB cyber threat data collection system has identified a new attack by the OldGremlin [...]

Yandex buys Tinkoff Bank: details of the transaction to sell Tinkoff Bank to Yandex

TGS Group, founded by Oleg Tinkov, on September 22 announced the sale of its main [...]

Huawei EMUI 11 — new features of EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS

At a developer presentation, Huawei unveiled a new version of its own EMUI 11 shell [...]

Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media. Bethesda controlled by Microsoft

Microsoft is clearly not the leader in the console market. And this is not at [...]

Apple will release iPhone 12 mini

An insider on twitter gave a hint that Apple’s next move is the release of [...]

The iOS 14 update is out – what’s changed in the iOS 14 update?

After the presentation, Apple launched an update to the iOS 14 operating system for iPhones. [...]

The speculation on Nvidia graphics cards exceeds all norms!

It’s time for NVIDIA to learn that their new products go hot at the start. [...]

Android apps on Samsung smartphones can be run with Windows 10

The Your Phone program has successfully completed beta testing in the Windows 10 operating system [...]

Logitech revealed a keyboard case for the new iPad Air 4

As soon as Apple’s presentation came to its logical conclusion and the new iPad was [...]

Apple presentation new iPad 8 line, new Apple Watch, iOS

Apple’s presentation took place in a non-standard live broadcast format. Due to the quarantine, Tim [...]

NVIDIA announced its acquisition of ARM for $ 40 billion

The fact that ARM Holdings is being sold was discussed back in July. Apple was [...]

Best Ways to Secure and Manage Your Sensitive Documents

In this digital age, it has become quite difficult to protect sensitive documents. Almost every [...]

The raider takeover of the Chinese ARM led to a dead end: who is right and who is wrong?

There has been unprecedented public interest around the conflict between ARM’s Chinese and British armies. [...]

TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 routers now go on sale

Huawei’s recent foray into the market for affordable Wi-Fi 6 routers has excited many Wi-Fi [...]

NASA Perseverance rover will seek life on Mars from February 2021

NASA has successfully launched an Atlas-5 launch vehicle into space, which carries the Perseverance rover, [...]

Samsung is already producing 5nm chips and has launched the development of a 4nm process technology

Samsung today released its second quarter 2020 income statement. In addition to interesting figures, the [...]

A tenfold increase in the capacity of lithium batteries with red phosphorus at the same dimensions is a reality, not a myth.

A group of American scientists from Argonne National Laboratory have been able to make progress [...]

Intel company restructuring. Intel’s future in doubt?

The repeated postponement of the launch of mass production of 7-nm processors for another 6 [...]

Kaspersky Lab experts have identified a new type of cryptocurrency fraud and proposed a solution to the problem

In the first 6 months of 2020, Kaspersky lab has identified more than 23 thousand [...]

Video manager for the site – a new development of Garpix engineers

Russian IT-company Garpix has presented a new development – Video manager for the site. A [...]


Telegram for iOS has a video call function

Telegram for iOS has a video calling function, but it is still in test mode. [...]

Donald Trump Gives Way to the Quantum Internet in the USA

At the University of Chicago, at a planned event in the United States, the “quantum” [...]

New gaming smartphone Black Shark 3S lit by the head of the brand

The Black Shark line of smartphones has found popularity in the gaming community. Soon, another [...]

Instacart customers’ payment details hit the Darknet

Names, credit card details, addresses, and information from yesterday’s transactions are sold online. This data [...]

One Touch Voice Changer Voicemod Clips Redesigned And Available On IOS And Android

Voicemod Clips, an application for changing the voice, was released on the iPhone today. This [...]

Qualcomm Announces 40% Lossless VVC Video Compression Algorithm

Qualcomm has completed development of a new 40% video size compression format while maintaining quality. [...]

Samsung Note20 Ultra – release date and video review of the functions of the new device

At the beginning of the month, photos of the flagship gadget Galaxy Note20 Ultra were [...]

Billions of people at risk of a new vulnerability to “burn” a mobile device

Experts from the Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab have identified the vulnerability of the chargers. With [...]

Review of iPhone 12 Pro noname version posted online

Since smartphones with the “apple” logo are popular all over the world, many gadget manufacturers [...]

Samsung wants to create competition for the Xiaomi Mi band

The popularity of Xiaomi Mi band fitness bracelets is stupid to deny, since the 3 [...]

Google Rumors May Be True – Good Corporation Will Disable Popular Camera Feature In Android 11

Due to the software processing of photographs, the quality of the frames taken with the [...]

Hacking Twitter by Hacker – Falling Twitter Stocks as a Result of Hacking

Social engineering and other hacking skills are quite dangerous for many large systems. To protect [...]

Elon Musk will conduct a Starlink closed beta test in the summer of 2020

Elon Musk is a man of his word and is trying to stick to his [...]

Kano Creates New Buildable Tablet PC for Kids Education

Remember that first moment when you untwisted the system unit and you saw the board [...]

Xiaomi introduced the European Redmi 9, Redmi 9C and Redmi 9A

The company, whose products are known to everyone as “top for their money”, on July [...]

The smallest Bluetooth module in the world was created in Korea

Japan was leading the way in miniaturizing electronic components until what happened. TDK, Panasonic, Murata [...]

Samsung Galaxy will ship without charger in 2021

Korean insiders associated with Samsung said that the company plans to abandon the complete chargers [...]

Huawei P40 Pro Plus new smartphone with super camera from Huawei

The new flagship smartphone Huawei P40 Pro Plus has been released by the Chinese company [...]

The developer complained that the virtual reality helmet damaged his eyesight

According to the developer of games and applications Danny Bittman, regular use of a VR [...]

Google Meet AI Noise Canceling Live Demo

Google has demonstrated the AI ​​noise canceling feature in Google Meet. Demo on YouTub reviewed [...]

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