Elon Musk will conduct a Starlink closed beta test in the summer of 2020

Бета-тест Starlink

Elon Musk is a man of his word and is trying to stick to his global plan, which will allow access to the Internet from anywhere in the world. In this case, the phrase will acquire a real, physical meaning, since it will be possible to connect to Wi-Fi even while in the Sahara desert or on a yacht in the ocean, tens of kilometers from the coast.

Essentially, Starlink is a global satellite system being deployed on a large scale by SpaceX. It is headed by Elon Musk. The purpose of this mission is to provide planet Earth with high-speed Internet in those places where it is physically impossible and impractical to do it on the ground.

538 satellites have already been launched into orbit, but 12,000 thousand will be needed to complete their plan.

Still, the SpaceX CEO is hopeful, so Elon Musk is giving the green light to a Starlink closed beta test this summer. It will be attended by a limited number of people who previously applied for participation in the project.

According to the data from users who have received consent to participate in the beta test, the company asked some of them to provide a little more information about themselves, including their specific place of residence. At the same time, initially it was necessary to enter only the postal code. In general, here Elon did everything logically, since those satellites that have already been launched into orbit realize only a small part of the coverage, so the company needs accurate geo-data about the place of residence of its testers.

Users participating in the testing program received an email from SpaceX announcing the start of beta testing in the summer of 2020. A little later, the Project will enter the open beta testing stage.

According to rumors, users living in parts of Canada and the northern part of the United States will be the first to test Starlink. Once SpaceX selects participants, equipment will be sent to them to interface with the Starlink network. The company honestly warns users that it’s too early to talk about a stable connection even for tests, because the system is not debugged. Also, testers will not be allowed to share any information with the public.

Users will not pay for participation in the testing of the program for the operator’s services, but they will have to pay 1 dollar for testing the billing system.

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