Microsoft: HoloLens 2 Helps Build NASA’s Orion Space Shuttle

Microsoft: HoloLens 2

Even the most declared skeptic left no doubt that NASA again wants to send a man to the moon. The goal is set, now you need to stick to the plan. Since in 2019 Lockheed Martin received the right to build the Orion ship for the Artemis II program, it approached this issue responsibly. Microsoft mentioned in a blog post that the company is using HoloLens 2 augmented reality headsets for space shuttle-related design and construction work.

Orion will be used as the main space shuttle in the Artemis II program, in which a crew of four will fly around the moon. As for the HoloLens 2, the headset is now helping engineers build the shuttle.

This is not the first experience with a headset from Microsoft. The first time employees of the company started working with the first generation HoloLens in 2017. Using the headset, engineers could generate holographic clues directly onto the surface of the space shuttle.

Thus, engineers see a hologram superimposed on the elements with which they interact. This has been done within the Scope AR program. Each part has a description and installation instructions. There are also hints on how to tighten the bolts when the required hole is in sight. Also, the headset shows each engineer in certain colors those details that need to be installed specifically for him within the framework of his specialization.

HoloLens 2 also allows you to switch to various functions using a virtual menu and use the voice assistant for monitoring and control.

Lockheed Martin’s principal AR researcher, Shelley Peterson, commented on the HoloLens 2:

“Engineers no longer need to look at a monitor screen or at paper templates while working on a project. It is enough to put on a headset, activate it, and all the work will be before their eyes. This speeds up the work process and minimizes the percentage of errors. When we first used HoloLens for our own tasks, the company did not have any requests for further development of the project. ”

For example, if an engineer needs to take a lot of measurements manually, holographic instructions make repetitive tasks 90% faster. It turns out that HoloLens 2 allows the company to:

Improve the quality of work;
Increase the speed of carrying out repetitive and monotonous work;
Reduce the cost of the production process (rejection of computers and paper documents in large volumes).

The company will use HoloLens 2 on an ongoing basis, as such a tool will allow the production of a variety of vehicles sent into space, from GPS satellites to ships such as the Orion.

Anyone can buy HoloLens 2 now, since Microsoft announced the sale of an adjacent reality headset in September 2020. Unfortunately, the price has remained unchanged. When purchasing a headset as an individual or corporate client, the price for the device is $ 3500.

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