Microsoft Windows XP source code leaked

В сеть попал исходный код Microsoft Windows XP

The 4chan forum posted the source code for Windows XP. The site claims that this is not a fake. After a while, all the information was copied and distributed by another person via torrent. The programmers who downloaded and started studying the plum reported on Twitter that this code really looks like the real source of Windows XP.

Thanks to the leak, programmers and enthusiasts who are not afraid of problems with the law and likely claims from Microsoft will be able to modify the system to drastically change or improve its functionality.

Alternatively, perhaps there are solutions that will make the outdated Windows XP work on modern hardware.

Alas, modern computers do not support this version now. Also, from the technical support of Windows XP and no longer releases updates for it.

But, of course, there is a threat of using source code to harm. Since Windows XP is still installed on millions of working computers, hackers can find possible loopholes in the leaked code that, if properly implemented, could subject the system to stability or take over control.

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