The smallest Bluetooth module in the world was created in Korea

В Корее создали самый маленький Блютуз модуль в мире

Japan was leading the way in miniaturizing electronic components until what happened. TDK, Panasonic, Murata and other giant manufacturers delighted and surprised the world community with the tiny size of modular components. But this time a native of Korea LG Innotek managed to intercept the baton of “diminutiveness”. It is here, in Korea, that the smallest Bluetooth module in the world for IoT and wearable electronics was created.

A Bluetooth module is a popular element of any modern gadget, so why hasn’t it been minimized to the limit before? This is exactly what was done, and further minimization is difficult due to the limitations in reducing the size of the radio frequency components of electronics (inductors, resistors, antennas, low and high frequency microcircuits).

The Bluetooth module shown to the world community by LG Innotek, although it includes 20 discrete elements in its design, did not prevent the developers from overcoming the barrier and reducing the size by 25% of the Bluetooth module that was previously presented in Japan.

The module turned out to be commensurate with the grain of wheat and is only 6×4 mm. The antenna does not stick out as it is placed inside the device. Also, this was reflected in the characteristics of the device. But not a minus, but a plus. The performance of the device has grown by 30%, which is really cool.

Multiple obstacles in the premises are no longer a hindrance to the module, and it will provide the most reliable and high-quality communication. At least that’s what LG Innotek says. The company is betting on the prevalence of their module in new models of wireless headphones, smart lighting devices and other IoT devices in all spheres of human activity.

As the growth of wearable electronics grows exponentially, a minimalistic and high-quality Bluetooth module will become highly sought after in the electronics market.

Do you think there will be demand for such a development from LG?

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