LG 32LK610BPLC Smart TV review: complete set, design and specifications

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

If you need a modern TV for a reasonable price, pay attention to the LG 32LK610BPLC Smart TV. As part of the review article, you will find out what the LG 32LK610BPLC TV is equipped with, what connectors it is equipped with, and most importantly, what functions it will delight its future owner. For yourself, you will understand whether or not it is worth considering the LG 32LK610BPLC model for purchase.

LG 32LK610BPLC Smart TV and its equipment

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

The LED TV set LG 32LK610BPLC Smart includes:

  • standard infrared remote control;
  • batteries for the remote control;
  • two screws to fasten the TV leg;
  • a tie for collecting all the cords so that they do not dangle;
  • two stands (legs) that are screwed to the TV;
  • power cable;
  • instruction + brochure;
  • warranty card;
  • the TV itself.

If you want to mount the TV on the wall, this model supports VESA mounts 200×200 mm.

But there is no way to connect the Magic Remote Control to the TV due to the lack of Bluetooth. Like the remote control, the Bluetooth module is not included in the package.

LG Smart TV connectors

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

The TV is equipped with many connectors for connection. They are divided into two groups. Frequently used ones are located closer to the edge and are accessible even when the TV is mounted on a wall.

On the back:

  1. There are component and composite connectors (yellow-green connected together). Composite – yellow, white, red – if you connect the device to the TV with standard tulips. Component – green, blue, red. White, red is sound.
  2. LAN connector for wired Internet connection;
  3. HDMI – digital connector for high-definition picture and sound reproduction;
  4. Digital sound output (Optical Digital Audio Out) for audio transmission to acoustics. Can transmit uncompressed stereo sound.
  5. Connector for cable TV.

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

The side panel contains:

  • Two more HDMI connectors.
  • 2 USB 2.0 connectors for peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard) and flash drives with external drives.
  • PCMCIA card slot (CI +).

The disadvantage is the lack of a 3.5 mm miniJack connector for pairing speakers or headphones. An external speaker system can only be connected using an optical output.

LG 32LK610BPLC TV – design overview

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

When creating this TV, LG did not follow the path of its competitors, but made a rather unusual design. It resembles a modern tablet with slightly recessed edges of the case with a matte gray texture. There are no sharp corners here, thanks to which, despite the wide frames, the device looks quite harmonious.

If you are still thinking which TV to buy, and your room is bright, then this technological exhibit will fit into any design and interior.

As for the thickness of the case – this model is clearly not a contender for the title of “ultra-thin”, since LG makes thin cases only for the top models of the 7 and 8 series. The sixth series is a good value for money.

LG 32LK610BPLC TV – specifications

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC характеристики

According to the characteristics of the TV LG 32LK610BPLC has:

  • The resolution is HD (1366×768) and its diagonal is 32 inches.
  • The aspect ratio is 16: 9.
  • Matrix type IPS.
  • Bit depth / color depth 8 bits.
  • Density 70 ppi.
  • TV backlight type Direct LED.
  • The image enhancement technology is HDR10 Pro, HLG.
  • Viewing angles 178 ° vertically and 178 ° horizontally.
  • The frame refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • The TV processor type is Quad core.
  • Interpolation 100 Hz (Truemotion).
  • Standby power consumption – 0.5 Watt.
  • Power consumption in normal mode 36 watts.
  • Energy efficiency class: A.
  • The tuner supports all formats (DVB-T / T2, DVB-C, DVB-S / S2).
  • Audio – 2 speakers of 5 watts each.
  • Dimensions 472 x 742 x 180 mm.
  • Weight 5.15 kg.

For this reason, you will definitely not have any complaints about image clarity.

The list of key features includes:

  • Wi-Fi (5th generation);
  • Smart TV;
  • Browser;
  • OS (webOS);
  • There are also Wi-Fi Miracast and mobile device management options.

LG 32LK610BPLC first launch

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

The TV starts up quickly. When you press the “Menu” button on the remote control, it quickly pops up. Previously, in models two or three years ago, it took a long time to wait for SMART to start. This is where the traditional webOS system resides, so all the apps are installed. You don’t need to do any OS firmware.

In the settings, you can traditionally change the image modes, screen format or go completely to “all settings”. On TV, under “general”, there are many languages ​​available for the interface. To change the interface language, after selecting it, you need to restart the webOS.

Internet connection is simple:

  1. Select the “Network” section, then one of the connection types (wire or Wi-Fi).
  2. Click to pair with a “Wi-Fi network connection” wireless network.
  3. Then select a network from the list of found, and enter the security password for the connection.

When you enter a password, a rather nimble on-screen keyboard appears on the screen, which is very convenient. After connecting to the Internet, you can use all the necessary functions.

LG TV Apps

Телевизор LG 32LK610BPLC

The software can be updated without problems. No program crashes and possible errors were found.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t find the pre-installed Youtube app on your TV. All the necessary applications can be downloaded from “LG Content” – a kind of Marketplace for applications from LG. You can download many of the applications you need to view the content.

To download, select an application from the list or through the search bar, then on the page that opens with an icon and a description of the program, click “Install”.

After that, the application appears in the list of programs.

Fact! The advantage of LG’s SmartTV, unlike Samsung, is that you don’t need to enter any user accounts and everything else. You just go to the market and download what you need for TV.

Of the pre-installed applications, it is worth noting “LG Plus Channels”, which allows you to view more than 200 TV channels, of which about 20 can be watched absolutely free.

It can be concluded that the operating system works well, rather quickly, since there is no apparent delay between switching applications. You can update the OS and applications inside it without any problem.

With the LG TV Plus smartphone app, you can use your smartphone as a Magic Remote Control.

Image quality

Качество изображения смарт ТВ

As for the image quality, it has changed for the better. There are no “red faces” in TVs of this model range, but only natural color rendition. You shouldn’t have any problems with image quality.

Most importantly, it is a high-quality picture that you can receive from the Internet. Of course, if you set up a cable on it, then do not be embarrassed – it will show badly. But if you use IP-TV, you will get a bright and beautiful picture, without oversaturation of colors, with absolutely normal natural color rendition, good detail.

Remarkably, the “eye fatigue” effect is absent here. The TV looks nice and calm.

By default, the settings are set to “standard” playback mode. There are also modes: “Eco” – with muted brightness and “Bright” – high-quality and rich, bright picture.

If we compare the picture quality with other TVs in the same price category and a similar diagonal, then this TV can be safely called one of the leaders. Moreover, now the LG 32LK610BPLC TV can be bought from an authorized LG dealer.


Two speakers of 5 W each are responsible for the sound. A small room is enough for voice acting. But it will be better if you additionally connect the TV to a good speaker system. The sound quality will be much higher.

Format support

The advantage of the LG 32LK610BPLC TV, which was released in 2020, is that it supports many formats. Graphics file format:

  • JPEG;
  • MPO;
  • JPS.

Audio file format and supported codecs:

  • AAC (Advanced Audio Coding);
  • AC3/AC-3;
  • APX/AP-X;
  • MP3 (MPEG-2, Audio Layer II, .mp3);
  • OGG (.ogg, .ogv, oga, ogx, .spx, .opus);
  • RealAudio (.ra, .ram);
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio, .wma);
  • HE-AAC;
  • LPCM.

Video file formats supported by LG TV 32LK610BPLC:

  • 3GPP;
  • AVI;
  • DivX;
  • Flash Video;
  • 263;
  • 264;
  • 265;
  • MKV;
  • QuickeTime;
  • M2TS;
  • MP4;
  • MPEG-4;
  • TS;
  • VC-1;
  • VP9.

LG 32LK610BPLC TV – is it worth buying?

About the LG 32LK610BPLC TV model, we can say the following: an excellent price for the good image quality that is achieved thanks to the IPS matrix. Smart options provide rich options for interacting with content. And the unusual, rather pleasant and interesting design of the LG 32LK610BPLC TV cannot leave you indifferent. Evidence of this is the many positive reviews for the TV from LG.

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