Why are black bars appearing in the video and how to get rid of them?

как обрезать видео по краям и убрать черные полосы

Today we will figure out how to crop video at the edges and remove black bars. Usually, black bars appear when the aspect ratio in a movie, clip, or video does not match what is basic for the screen of your device. For example, it is designed for widescreen monitors with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, and your computer is connected to a standard square screen display with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. The problem may appear as black segments at the top and bottom of the video, or on the sides.

Cropping. How to quickly remove stripes

A radical method of changing the aspect ratio is software cropping using the appropriate software. For example, a universal converter, in the options of which you can manually set the frame size, and then save the result.

For this task, you will need software that supports various video formats. For example, Movavi, which has functionality to fit the image to your screen. Going to the official website of the developer, you will see two buttons.

The first is for computers and laptops on Windows, the second is for Apple technology on MacOS. After downloading the file, you need to double-click on it.

In the window that appears, check the box for agreeing to the rules, and then click “install”. In the installation settings, you can change the language, add the conversion option to the context menu of the files.

Click “run”. The Russian-language interface will open:

Как обрезать видео по краям и убрать черные полосы

You can drag your file or open it by clicking the plus sign in the center of the screen. Let’s figure out how to crop the edges of a video using this software. You can select any file from your hard drive or from the cloud.

The result is obtained without loss of quality. To crop the video at the edges, after adding the file, you need to click “edit” and select the “crop” option there.

Как обрезать видео по краям и убрать черные полосы

Now choose the aspect ratio for your format. The frame moves, and you yourself expose the edge of the image.

Как обрезать видео по краям и убрать черные полосы

Then click “apply” and then “save and close”.

Player software settings

The next option, which does not require changing the video, is to change the settings of the player through which you open the video file. Select the ratio that matches your monitor type.

Настройки проигрывателя мовави

Software problems

Sometimes the problem occurs after reinstalling the video card drivers. You need to run the driver utility and set the appropriate settings.

Как обрезать видео по краям и убрать черные полосы

You should check the settings on the monitor that is connected to the system unit. It might be worth changing something on the menu. It is also worth making sure that the monitor itself is working properly.

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