Review of tablets from Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei

Обзор планшетов от Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei

When choosing a tablet, you need to take into account the technical characteristics, indicators of autonomy, functionality and ease of use. In addition, brand identity is an important criterion for most buyers. The presented review of tablets contains a selection of the best models from leading manufacturers, which will help you choose the best option for a purchase, taking into account personal preferences and requests.

Tablet review – what to look at?

The main advantage of tablet computers is their versatility. The compact device can be used not only for entertainment, but also for study, work, communication. For this reason, the choice of a tablet should be treated extremely competently, taking into account a number of basic technical parameters.

Among them:

  • Operating system.

Most of the proposed models run Android. New Apple tablets have their own operating system – iPadOS. You can also find models running Windows. The best option can be selected based on personal preference. The main thing is that the version of the operating system is not outdated.

  • Dimensions.

In many ratings and reviews of tablets, you can find both miniature models and very large tablet PCs, the weight of which is not inferior to laptops. It is recommended to choose models of the middle category, since they are as convenient as possible for work, but at the same time they do not take up much space and do not cause discomfort during transportation.

  • Display type.

The touchscreen acts as the main control for the tablet. The display characteristics directly depend on the installed matrix. LCD, TFT, TN technologies can be safely classified as outdated. The best option is a device with an IPS or Amoled display.

  • Memory size.

Performance and performance are directly dependent on RAM. Therefore, the higher the RAM score, the better. The minimum acceptable value is considered to be 3 GB, but tablets with 4 GB or more can be found without any problems. Onboard storage is also essential, especially for devices without an SD card slot.

  • Камеры.

In tablets, as a rule, a front and rear camera are installed. They are primarily intended for video calls, but can be used to take snapshots. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the resolution of the cameras, their number and location.

  • Автономность.

Battery life depends on battery capacity. Therefore, the higher this indicator, the better. The traditional leader is Samsung tablet computers, but many analogs can also boast a long battery life.

Taking into account the listed parameters, you can choose a tablet for any purpose and task. It is also recommended to pay attention to other characteristics.

For a tablet it will be a plus:

  • slot for sim cards;
  • support for 3G, 4G;
  • memory expansion slot;
  • support for fast charging;
  • loud speakers;
  • the ability to connect a keyboard;
  • Bluetooth 0 or higher.

A mandatory parameter for any mobile device is support for Wi-Fi wireless technology.

It is also worth paying attention to the case material and the presence of a protective glass, which prevents scratches and cracks.

Which tablet to choose: an overview of models from popular manufacturers

A detailed review of tablets, which describes the models of world famous brands: Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, will help you make the right choice. The selection includes devices that have earned high marks from experts and positive customer reviews.

Apple iPad 10.2 128 GB

Apple can confidently be called one of the leading manufacturers of portable electronics. The tablets of this brand are in stable demand from buyers, despite the fact that they belong to the premium price segment.

iPad 10.2 deserves attention from those who want to buy a quality device at an affordable price. Unlike most Apple models, this tablet is mid-range. The model was released in 2020, but now it remains one of the leaders in its segment.

Apple iPad 10.2 128 GB

The body design is typical for all Apple devices – austere and minimalistic. The back cover and side edges are made of durable aluminum alloy. The device weighs 490g, which is not much considering the size of the IPS screen.

The device is equipped with a six-core A12 Bionic processor and a 3 GB RAM module. The volume of internal memory is 128 GB, but the line also includes models with 32 GB and 64 GB. The model is equipped with two cameras, supports the TouchID function and works up to 10 hours without recharging.

Apple iPad 10.2 128 GB


  • Dimensions and weight – 174 x 250 x 7.5 mm, 495 g
  • Screen – 10.2 inches
  • Processor – A12 Bionic
  • Memory capacity – 3/128 GB
  • Cameras – 8MP + 1.2MP
  • Battery life – up to 10 hours


  • high screen resolution;
  • powerful processor;
  • wear-resistant metal body;
  • five-element rear camera lens;
  • good indicator of autonomy.


  • there is no slot for SIM and memory cards;
  • a file system that is unusual for many users;
  • front camera – only 1.2 megapixels;
  • noticeable heating of the case when running demanding applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4

The Korean brand Samsung is Apple’s main competitor. The tablets from this manufacturer are distinguished by high-quality assembly, high performance, and autonomy.

The presented comparative review of tablets included the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 model. In some of its characteristics, this device surpasses the iPad 10.2, but at the same time it costs significantly less.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4

The body is made of a metal alloy, but despite this device is rather light – 465 g. The front panel of the device is occupied by a screen, which can be called the main drawback of the model. The device uses a TFT matrix, which is inferior to IPS in all respects.

The manufacturer has equipped the tablet with an eight-core processor with an average clock speed of 2.0 GHz. A 4 GB RAM block is also responsible for performance. The internal storage is 64 GB, but the available space can be expanded with memory cards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4

The main camera is 8 megapixels, and the front camera is 5 megapixels. You won’t be able to take professional pictures on a tablet, but for video communication, this is enough.

An important advantage is a capacious 7040 mAh battery. It provides long battery life – up to 12 hours without recharging.


  • Dimensions and weight – 153 x 244 x 7 mm, 465 g
  • Screen – 10.4 inches
  • Processor – Exynos 9611
  • Memory capacity – 4/64 GB
  • Cameras – 8 Mp + 5 Mp
  • Battery life – up to 12 hours


  • the cost is lower than that of the iPad;
  • excellent build quality;
  • good storage capacity + support for Micro SD cards;
  • AKG stereo speakers;
  • capacious battery;
  • S Pen included.


  • SIM cards are not supported;
  • TFT screen.

Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F

The Lenovo brand ranks among the leading manufacturers of portable electronics. The tablets from this manufacturer are valued for their superior quality, reliability, along with excellent functionality and affordability.

The Lenovo Tab P11 is a versatile tablet PC for both entertainment and work. The device was equipped with an 11-inch display, a powerful eight-core processor and a capacious 7700 mAh battery.

Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F

The case is combined, has both metal and plastic elements. The device weighs 490 grams, but is quite comfortable to use. The tablet has a 4 GB RAM module and 128 GB of internal memory.

Cameras that are superior to the above models deserve special attention. The resolution of the main camera reaches 13 megapixels, while the size of the front camera is 8 megapixels. The device runs Android 10.0 with self-updating function.

Lenovo Tab P11 TB-J606F


  • Dimensions and weight – 258 x 163 x 7.5 mm, 490 g
  • Screen – 11 inches, 2000×1200 pixels
  • Processor – Snapdragon 662
  • Memory capacity – 4/128 GB
  • Cameras – 13 Mp + 8 Mp
  • Battery life – up to 12 hours


  • large IPS-screen with excellent color reproduction;
  • stylish body design;
  • stable high-speed operating system;
  • the possibility of expanding memory;
  • a processor that allows you to run almost any application;
  • the ability to connect a keyboard;
  • high-quality sound of the speakers.


  • there is no 3G / 4G module;
  • easily soiled case.

Huawei MatePad 10.4 4/64GB

The Huawei brand is among the leaders in the budget price segment. The Chinese manufacturer produces low-cost smartphones, laptops and tablet computers.

Huawei MatePad 10.4 is a representative of the middle price category. An Android tablet with a metal body is equipped with a 10.4-inch screen. With a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, the display provides a high-quality, bright picture with good color rendering.

Huawei MatePad 10.4 4/64GB

The device is powered by the HiSilicon Kirin 820 processor, the computing power of which reaches 2.3 GHz. The amount of memory does not exceed the models described above – 4/64 GB. The front and rear cameras have the same resolution – 8MP.

Like the previous devices, the Huawei device is not equipped with a SIM card slot. However, the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is quite enough for comfortable interaction with other devices and for Internet access.

Huawei MatePad 10.4 4/64GB


  • Dimensions and weight – 245 x 154 x 7.4 mm, 460 g
  • Screen – 10.4 inches
  • Processor – HiSilicon Kirin 820
  • Memory capacity – 4/64 GB
  • Cameras – 8 Mp + 8 Mp
  • Battery life – up to 10 hours


  • lightweight and thin;
  • bright, touch sensitive screen;
  • productive processor;
  • Bluetooth 5.1;
  • support for fast charging.


  • does not support LTE;
  • the resolution of the front and rear cameras is the same.


Having considered the review of tablets from several manufacturers, we can conclude that each brand seeks to create devices whose characteristics and technical parameters are not inferior to their counterparts.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is the best choice among the presented models. This tablet boasts excellent battery life, a powerful CPU, and excellent workload performance, as evidenced by numerous benchmarks. This model supports memory cards up to 1 TB, is resistant to moisture, so it is the best option for those who want to purchase a universal tablet.

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