Apple will release iPhone 12 mini

Apple выпустит iPhone 12 mini

An insider on twitter gave a hint that Apple’s next move is the release of the iPhone 12 with the mini prefix. Apple developers already have devices with a similar set-top box: iPod mini, Mac mini, iPad mini. Now the turn has come to join the ranks of the “mini” smartphone of the new line – iPhone 12 mini.

In total, the company will present four iPhone models:

  • 12 mini;
  • 12;
  • 12 Pro;
  • 12 Pro Max.

In this case, the diagonal of the first will be 5.4 inches, and the diagonal of the standard iPhone 12 will be 6.1 inches. Also, there was a rumor that the iPhone 12 mini will receive a slower version of the Apple A14 Bionic processor, which will be called the B14. It is likely that the core frequency will be underestimated.

There is a possibility that the B14 SoC will be implemented in the next iPhone SE devices, which are called the iPhone SE Plus and iPhone SE3.

According to analysts, such a strategy may well be taken by Apple as a basis for the implementation of a lower starting price for the iPhone 12. The relatively low price will allow Apple devices to sell better in the Indian market. India is Apple’s Achilles heel, as its market position is weak. Only 2% of the local market in the sector of mobile devices, Apple developers were able to occupy in early 2020.

An additional catalyst for lower pricing may be the fact that Cupertinos will remove the charger and wired headphones from the standard kit. With the charger, as part of the Apple Carbon project, the corporation did just that, offering the public an Apple Watch with lightning, but without an adapter.

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