Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media. Bethesda controlled by Microsoft

Microsoft приобрела ZeniMax Media. Bethesda под контролем Microsoft

Microsoft is clearly not the leader in the console market. And this is not at all due to the technical part. This is all right. In fact, Xbox consoles do not have full-fledged exclusives: all games that are focused on consoles appear on Windows computers. Sony has a PlayStation.

This strategy was not imposed by anyone. This was a deliberate choice for Microsoft, as it needs to promote the Windows gaming market as well. Therefore, the developers decided to act differently, namely, to actively buy companies and development studios in order to block Sony’s access to many games for the PlayStation.

No one could have imagined that Microsoft would take this issue seriously and buy ZeniMax Media. The latter is the holy grail for the multitude of development studios that own and develop the game series. For example, almost all old school gamers are familiar with Bethesda and its series of games:

  • Fallout;
  • The Elder Scrolls and TES Online;
  • StarField

The company acquired by Microsoft also includes:

  • id Software, which owns DOOM and Quake;
  • MachineGames – creators of Wolfenstein
  • Arcane brought Dishonored, Prey to the gaming world.

Microsoft did not mention how it will manage ZeniMax Media games. It seems logical that these series of games will become exclusive to Xbox and PC, and Sony will suffer losses. But, there has been no official confirmation of this yet.

Since Sony previously agreed on the exclusivity of the games Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop for a certain time with the former owner of the development studio, the agreements will be honored and the games on the PlayStation 5 will be released.

The price for which Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media is not publicly stated, but Jason Schreier (a well-known journalist writing for Bloomberg) reported a deal of $ 7.5 billion. If this is a true price, then this deal automatically becomes the largest in the history of the video game market.

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