Dell Technologies welcomes Windows 11. News Dell & Microsoft

Dell и Microsoft - Меняем правила игры с Windows 11

Dell is excited about Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 11 operating system. Please find some information below should it be helpful for any stories you are working on now or in the future.

Dell & Windows 11 News:

Timed to the Windows 11 release later this year, Dell will offer a wide portfolio of PCs with the new OS — including laptops, desktops, 2-in-1s, and All-in-Ones. PC shipments continue to surge with new data from IDC revealing that nearly 1 million PCs are currently being sold every day and IDC forecasting 18.2% growth for the PC market in 2021. With the new OS, Dell will continue to raise the bar across all aspects of its customer experience.

«Dell & Microsoft are changing the game with the announcement of Windows 11», – said Rahul Tikoo, Senior Vice President, Client Product Group, Dell Technologies. “New Windows experiences combined with our ongoing investments in immersive visuals, collaboration, connectivity and intelligence are world-class when experienced on Dell PCs. «Together we are enabling the new ‘do anything from anywhere’ world.»

Customers can continue buying PC’s from Dell today with confidence. All Windows-based Dell PCs on meet the Windows 11 system requirements and will be eligible for a free upgrade after it is available.

And for those of you covering the back-to-school season, below are a just a few of the products that will be available with the new OS after it is released. Bottom line: customers can continue buying from Dell with the peace-of-mind that they can upgrade to the new OS later.

  • XPS 13 – A compact, ultraportable laptop which comes with a choice of high-contrast OLED, 4K+, and FHD+ display options; pricing starts at $1,000 USD
  • Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 – Slim laptop that pairs strong gaming performance with long battery life; pricing starts at $1,300 USD
  • Latitude 9420 – Designed for businesses that value security, collaboration and connectivity, it features automatic SafeShutter and the option for advanced 5G LTE; pricing starts at $2,039 USD

Stay tuned for more Windows 11 news from Dell!

Dell & Microsoft – Changing the Game with Windows 11

New design. Human connection. Personalized Content. Simplicity. What do all of these have in common? These are the lynchpins to the new Windows 11 experience on Dell PCs. We’re pumped for what’s ahead. The PC remains the #1 choice for people who need to stay connected, or work from anywhere.

PC shipments continue to surge with As the way we work and interact changes, it’s important that we continue to invest and innovate to drive better experiences and make computing seamless for our customers. At Dell, we know the real evolution is in the experiences – that’s why you’ve seen us invest in making the PC more personal, more intelligent, more connected and – of course – more beautiful.

Combine that with Microsoft’s focus on simplicity, ease of use and personal connection and, together, we are changing the game. Here’s how:

  • New Design:It always starts here. The refreshed user experience and clean, fluid redesign of Windows 11 pops with our immersive displays. Take our XPS 13 with OLED as an example; this PC will dial up the new Windows layout and immerse you in stunning contrast and color.
  • Human Connection: We all crave connectedness and Windows 11 lets you reach the people you care about easier. Right from your desktop you can text, chat, voice or video call with just a click. But that doesn’t mean much if your device isn’t designed for connectivity . We’re making strategic investments that will allow you to truly adopt a work, play and collaborate-from-anywhere lifestyle.
  • Choice: We all want it done our way. With Windows 11, our devices feature the latest innovations in touch, stylus and voice and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it while working on the Dell PC model of your choice. Today, our homes are a multi-PC environment (for work, play or learning) and we don’t see that changing. While we continue to provide different form factors, the PCs role in our future is critical as are the experiences we have with them.

When can you expect Windows 11?

We are not at liberty to share dates just yet. But here’s what we can tell you: you’ll see many of our PCs available with Windows 11 starting on day one. We also want our customers to know they can continue buying new Windows-based PCs with the confidence that you’ll be offered a free upgrade to Windows 11 after it’s available (all Windows-based Dell PCs on meet the Windows 11 system requirements.). So, no need to wait if you’re eyeing a back-to-school PC or treating yourself and/or a loved one to a new device.

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