Forget Windows 10 – this operating system will be retired…

Забудьте о Windows 10 - эта операционная система уйдет на пенсию

It would seem that until quite recently the whole world was sad because a whole era was leaving – everyone’s beloved Windows 7 was replaced by Windows 8. But time flies quickly – now something that will replace Windows 10 is not far off.

How was this operating system different?

The release of Windows 10 took place in July 2015 and was not perceived in the best possible way by users, although many were still impressed by the interesting design. In the new OS, literally everything has changed, from appearance to functions, and acquaintance with it was practically an acquaintance with the computer as a whole.

The new version had a lot of so-called bugs. For example, quite often programs on computers were removed by themselves. Many people were outraged by the poor performance of the battery on Windows 10. People were repelled from changing the OS for many reasons, and the ads only got more aggressive.

As a result, many people simply lost the button with the option of refusing to update, so it was even mandatory. Therefore, users started looking for how to disable Windows 10 updates.

Benefits of Windows 10

  • Literally everything has changed. Style, performance, number of functions. Perhaps this has become unusual for many, but this is the only way progress is made.
  • The Start menu reappeared. This is what everyone was missing, and what everyone associated with Windows. The developers heard the users and took into account their wishes.
  • Installation for a year was free for those who were using Windows 7 or 8 at that time.
  • Excellent integration with all devices. Finally, Windows began to work without freezing not only on PCs, but also on smartphones.
  • When installing any Windows 10 update, the system itself carried out the processing and for this you no longer need to restart the PC, as it was before.
  • Well, if you wish, for those who have a backup copy of the previous OC, you can always return to it.

Disadvantages of Windows 10

  • Lack of Media Center. This has become a real pain for many. In countries like the United States, where streaming was already gaining momentum, this application became unnecessary, but in the CIS countries, Media Center was still needed. However, many have switched to Kodi, which was created specifically for the Xbox. It supported a large number of videos, which turned out to be no less convenient than the Media Center itself. And Kodi is not the only such service.
  • Often, the installation was successful only 3 times, which indicates not the best OS support on most devices.
  • Outrage about privacy settings. If you study the license agreement, then it says that Windows has the right to collect all the special information for statistics. For many, this has become a big question. However, by the time people have learned to defend themselves. For example, they became more careful with strange sites, they stopped installing unnecessary applications, they started using VPNs, which became an indispensable help for the feeling of security. Moreover, by 2015, good antiviruses had already been developed, which also reassured users. In general, quite a few people resented hackers and viruses, but system updates often solved problems.

What will happen after Windows 10?

October 14, 2025 – This is the date announced as the date of the end of support for Windows 10 by Microsoft. But it certainly cannot be that this version is not followed by some other. All this time, both ordinary PC users and all kinds of critics reasoned and often came to the conclusion that Microsoft wants to enter the same market with something completely new, something that will already have a completely different name, since Windows 10 was originally called the finish of the Windows era.

Microsoft may certainly want to create something that rivals macOS not only in performance but also in stylish interfaces, so maybe the developers already have something in mind.

However, no one can guarantee that Windows will no longer exist. Microsoft is hinting to users in every possible way that the 11th version of Windows awaits them, no matter how strange it may sound.

The company is announcing an event dedicated to this particular OC, promising that it will be a conference about the new era of the operating system, and this event will take place at 11 am.

Moreover, they recently released an 11-minute video in which the company broadcasts a video in which music from different versions of the operating system sounds.

All these hints may turn out to be a simple coincidence, or they may be a direct hint. There are a huge number of versions, but without information leakage, it is simply impossible to be sure of something.

Someone is inclined to the version that the new name of the OS is Windows 365, which corresponds to Office 365. However, 365 or 11 – the numbers are unlikely to change anything. The main thing that absolutely everyone will be looking at is what the new operating system will offer this world.

In any case, we can speak with confidence about one thing – Microsoft is clearly striving to create a closed system with support for many devices and programs. iOS and Android have succeeded in this, and Microsoft is just beginning its journey in this.

Not only PCs, but also smartphones and even tablets run on Windows. Many accessories are well integrated with Microsoft applications. The Xbox isn’t far behind the Playstation. It turns out that the company already has almost all types of devices (all that remains is to get a smart watch from Microsoft), which means that a closed system with developing loyalty will soon appear officially.

Nobody knows exactly what we will see: a new operating system with a new name or an updated Windows, but one thing is clear – it will be something powerful and incredible, otherwise it will be a failure, and Microsoft simply cannot afford it.

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