Samsung wants to create competition for the Xiaomi Mi band

Samsung хочет создать конкуренцию Xiaomi Mi band

The popularity of Xiaomi Mi band fitness bracelets is stupid to deny, since the 3 and 4 series were received by the public with a bang. Recently Xiaomi presented the 5th generation of its proprietary Mi Smart band bracelet in Europe. Samsung is now looking at all this and realizes that it cannot miss such a niche. Every day of an unsold product brings her potential losses, so Samsung wants to create competition with the Xiaomi Mi band.

At least, this is a guess from the editors, since a new Samsung fitness tracker has appeared in the Bluetooth SIG database, which the tech giant is technically silent about. Network informers analyzed and released information to the masses about a new model of smart bracelets from the available Galaxy Fit line. The features of this device will be an increased battery reserve and an NFC module. There is also speculation that the bracelet will be announced in August 2020.

The device code number is SM-R220, and it appears in the regulator source as a wearable device. Naturally, there is no official name for the bracelet yet. It is also known that the device will use a Bluetooth 5.1 module and a 150 mAh battery. There is information that the bracelet will acquire the option to monitor the heart rate on an ongoing basis. It will be able to interface with both Android smartphones and iPhone.

It is believed that a new model in the Galaxy Fit line will be released on August 5, during the presentation of Unpacked 2020. The price is still unknown. But if it is at the level of the Mi Smart band with NFC, then Samsung has every chance of getting a lot of sales from the fitness tracker.

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