Google Rumors May Be True – Good Corporation Will Disable Popular Camera Feature In Android 11

отключит популярную функцию камеры в Android 11

Due to the software processing of photographs, the quality of the frames taken with the camera has increased many times over. This option has become a standard for many smartphones, since smart algorithms allow you to tweak color balance, exposure, sharpness and other interesting things on the fly.

But soon the owners of Android devices will feel the changes that came with the Android 11 operating system. Informants said that Google in its new version of the OS may abandon digital filters by default.

Изменение в андроид 11

From the leak, it becomes clear that Google will force manufacturers of gadgets for Android in the near future to reconfigure the cameras of devices so that any filters that improve photos automatically are deactivated. That is, the text of the message indicates that the devices provide the real skin condition and geometry of the wearer’s face. If it is necessary to do retouching, it will be available to the user to organize it manually, using filters.

Such a turn of things may have a detrimental effect on the “rating” of Android devices for a while, since for several years users have become accustomed to automatic post-processing. Now, with the purchase of a gadget with Android 11 OS, a drop in the quality of shooting will be visually felt. The differences will be especially noticeable with the footage from the iPhone, in which the option of automatic correction in selfies is activated from the factory setting.

The reasons why Google is taking this step are not clear, and the source did not explain anything to the public about this. Will it really be so, or Google will give the back, we will find out during the release of Android 11.

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