The speculation on Nvidia graphics cards exceeds all norms!

Спекуляция на видеокартах Nvidia превышает все допустимые нормы!

It’s time for NVIDIA to learn that their new products go hot at the start. Yesterday, the start of sales of the flagship video card GeForce RTX 3080 began. But the huge demand for a graphics card from the new series simply left NVIDIA without a product. The official store is all – here the cards are over. But eBay is ready to offer a video card to all those who did not have time to buy. With a “small margin”.

The official price of the GeForce RTX 3080 is $ 700. It can be found on eBay for a modest $ 1400. Yes, yes, and this is not the limit. Some sellers offer to buy a “priceless” product for 20 thousand dollars, and for 50 thousand. But, as the cherry on the cake, according to a Gizmodo source, someone bought a card for 70 thousand dollars.

As it turned out later, no one bought these cards for 50 and even more than 70 thousand. The information that appeared on Reddit shed light on what was happening: a cunning guy created a bot that operated crazy bets on lots, while increasing the cost of the graphic card. Naturally, no one was going to buy them for such a speculative price.

NVIDIA apologizes for preparing a small batch for the release. The management of the company referred to “unprecedented demand” and promised to somehow resolve this issue. The details, of course, were not mentioned.

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