One Touch Voice Changer Voicemod Clips Redesigned And Available On IOS And Android

Voicemod Clips

Voicemod Clips, an application for changing the voice, was released on the iPhone today. This program allows owners of iPhone and Android phones to change their voice for short videos and sound clips. This software is completely free, there are no annoying ads or additional options.

You can choose from a variety of face and sound filters to create your clips. This content can be freely shared on social networks, instant messengers and other applications.

Voice Clips, like a desktop PC application, allows you to choose from a variety of different voices that change your voice in real time by pressing only a single transducer button. You can use 12 voices every day from the entire library of 60 voices.

The app concept is focused on entertainment. For example, you can add hoarseness to your squeaky voice to make it look like a gangster. With this function, you can prank your friends or upload a funny video to tik tok.

The voices in the app are really fun. You can speak in the voice of Darth Vader, or you can amplify your voice so much that it sounds like you are speaking into a megaphone. Recent changes made it possible to sing or speak in the voice of T-Pain.

The accompanying video sequence is limited in time to 60 seconds and is saved in a video that can be left on the phone or sent to friends through various communication channels.

Although there are many voice changers out there, Voicemod has become the most popular application overseas among streamers, gamers, and content generators. The PC version contains a soundbar that allows you to change your voice using presets or import MP3 audio for playback during a call.

Voicemod is not just an application built with enthusiasm. The software combines artificial intelligence and digital signal processing technologies for synthetic voices. It is worth noting that the company has raised 7.1 million in investment to improve its speech converter.

Although Voicemod is free, the daily rotation of 12 votes hints that the company may add some type of paid connection that will allow inquisitive minds to access all the voices “here and now”. This model has already been created on the PC. The free allows sharing with 7 votes and the pro version unlocks all available effects.

It can be noted that we have before us a rising star of software for entertainment content, which is separated from the overwhelming popularity by several steps.

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