Best Ways to Secure and Manage Your Sensitive Documents


In this digital age, it has become quite difficult to protect sensitive documents. Almost every other business at some point has to protect their highly confidential information. They have to protect their personal information, client’s data, and, more importantly, the strategies and plans of the company. Therefore, everyone must be very conscious of their data and deploy different ways to secure their documents. No one could afford these days to get their confidential information into the hands of any unauthorized source. When it comes to electronic copies of documents, it is quite challenging to protect them. Especially when the documents are formatted in MS Word files, because the Microsoft word files cannot be protected with a password, and anyone can access the information easily. Therefore, you can convert doc to PDF online by using a good and reliable word to PDF converter. Portable Document Format (PDF) files are more secure in comparison to the MS word files. You can come across word to PDF free online tools and premium utilities as well. DupliChecker offers one of those utilities, which is one of the online platforms providing multiple tools.

The portable document format (PDF) file can be protected with a password, and it will ensure to secure your confidential information. Suppose your file is in some other format like MS Word. In that case, you can opt for a Word to PDF converter, which transforms your file in the portable document format, and you will easily protect your data and information by encrypting it with a password.

Password Protection of PDF Files

The password protection in PDF works like encryption; it means a mathematical algorithm is deployed that no one could access the data or views it until they have the password for accessing the files. The document is only decrypted when someone enters the right password, and the file is then viewable in its original format. Now protecting PDF files is quite simple and straightforward. It also allows the users to alter or even remove the password. If you are using some other format for keeping the record of your data and information, you can convert the file by using a Word to PDF converter.

How Can Others Interact with a PDF File?

 If you are concerned about the security of your file but want someone to only view the file and restrict them to edit the information, that is also possible through password encryption. The secure permission button in the top menu will allow you to manage the permissions that you want to enable; you can either enable all the permissions or disable a few, like granting permission to only view the file and restrict the person not to print, share, or edit the file. The secure permission feature will allow how you want others to interact with the portable document format (PDF). You can use a Word to PDF Converter for transforming the file into a portable document format for encryption purpose.


Lawyers and businesses are always concerned about protecting their client’s information. You might have heard about the term attorney-client privilege. Therefore, it becomes highly essential for legal professionals to secure their client’s information. Especially if the data is available in some digital format, they would have to use a word to PDF converter for conversion and to protect it with a password. The attorney-client privilege is about the right given to any individual, that if they want to speak with their lawyer, the legal representative will not allow disclosing the information with anyone else. Therefore, lawyers and legal representatives need to protect the client’s information, especially if available in digital format. Most of the documents are available in MS word format. You can convert the file through a Word to PDF converter and encrypt the document with a password. Docs to PDF online utility will pave the way for encrypting your document with a password and the word to PDF converter is easily available over the web.

Bottom Line

In the last analysis, protecting virtual documents is essential and has become highly indispensable for businesses, lawyers, and even individuals. Data theft has become a common issue these days. More and more people were getting into illegal ways and stole the data of individuals and companies for marketing and other purposes.

Most people face a common problem when their documents are in other formats; you can use MS Word to PDF converter for this purpose and make sure to protect and encrypt your files with a password.

However, there is an extensive range of online utilities for serving the purpose of a word to PDF converter available in the online market. You can access them through your web browser. There are premium and free word to PDF converter tools; choose the one, which synchronizes with your needs. Since the inception of the portable document format, it has changed the entire document-handling spectrum. Streamlining official documents has become easier in comparison to previous years. The constant advancement in its features is making a considerable impact on its usage and popularity among the masses.

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