How to recover your Steam account if you forgot your password, your account is blocked or stolen. Steam account recovery instructions

The question of how to recover a Steam account arises when a user profile is unexpectedly blocked, login information is lost, or a Steam account has been stolen. There is no need to worry too much about this. You can restore your Steam account.

Steam service is popular among gamers all over the world. This online platform allows you to quickly receive computer games, updates, mods and other software products. The service also implements a tool for storing game settings, the ability to create servers for online play with other users, and has its own achievement system.

Today we will figure out how to restore your Steam account. To do this, we will identify the reason why you cannot log into your Steam account and attach instructions on how to act in a given situation.

Unable to sign in to your Steam account: reasons and what to do?

Не удается войти в аккаунт Steam

To determine how to restore a purchased account on Steam, you must first find out why you cannot get into your profile. You should immediately exclude possible network interruptions or blocking of the service by the antivirus program installed on the PC.

The most common reason is that the user has forgotten their login information and enters an incorrect username or password. This often happens if the user has not used the Steam client for a long time and does not remember the authorization data.

Another possible reason is blocking for violations of community rules or service policy. However, in this case, the user usually receives a notification with the appropriate content, and when he tries to log in, the corresponding information is displayed on the screen.

Access to the client may be restricted in the event that the account has been hijacked. Despite the fact that Steam developers implement effective systems to protect user data, this risk is not excluded.

How to recover a Steam account? Working methods of recovery

Users who do not know how to restore a Steam account via mail or login need to contact technical support.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

When you switch to the screen, a window with two options for actions will be immediately displayed. To restore your profile, you need to click “I can not log into my account.”

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

The further algorithm of actions varies depending on the alleged reason for the loss of access to the personal page. Let’s consider the main recovery methods in more detail.

How to recover your Steam account by email or phone number

This method is ideal if you are unable to log in due to incorrect login information. To reset your password, you need access to your mail or phone number.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. In the list of actions Steam Support select “I forgot my name or password.”

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

  1. Enter your mobile number or email address. They must be linked to your account. After passing the check, click “Search”.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

  1. The screen will display a message stating that an account has been found in the system that is tied to the specified number or mail address.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

  1. The user can request a code combination, by entering which the current account password will be reset and it will be possible to set a new one. After that, access to your account will be restored.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

Steam provides the ability to restore without access to mail or phone number. To do this, the owner will need to fill out a form with a detailed description of the account. Here, many people have a question about whether it is possible to restore a Steam account with a key. You cannot return access to your personal page using only CD-Key. However, the key can be specified when filling out the recovery form in the field with additional information. This will greatly increase the likelihood that the support team will approve the password reset and allow the account to be returned.

How do I recover my Steam account if my profile is stolen?

Users who do not know how to recover a stolen Steam account can also use the technical support service. When you enter Support, you need to select the appropriate item in the list.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

The algorithm of actions is similar. But before directing the user to the recovery page, the technical support service will ask you to scan your computer for viruses and malware.

Как восстановить аккаунт в Steam

After that, the user will need to change the email password. This is due to the fact that in most cases, hacking and stealing of personal accounts occurs precisely through the e-mail that was linked during registration.

Recovery via Steam Guard

Steam Guard

The Steam Guard authenticator is used to protect the mobile application from hacking. This tool generates a password every time you log into your personal profile. The code must be entered within 30 seconds, after which it becomes inactive. Hacking or guessing an app using Steam Guard is nearly impossible.

If it is not possible to log into the service from a computer, the user can request authentication through the mobile application. To do this, a mobile phone number must be linked to Steam. When restoring, an emergency password will be sent to the mobile application, which will allow you to return access to the profile.

It should be noted that for the stable operation of Steam Guard on a smartphone, it is necessary to regularly update the application. Otherwise, the generated passwords may not be valid.

How long will it take to regain access to Steam?

How long it takes to restore a Steam account depends on the reason the user is unable to access their profile. The processing of a password change request is automatic. If the user entered the associated email address or phone number, the password will be reset immediately.

If there is no linked address or phone number, or the account has been stolen, the recovery period is from 3 days to 2 weeks. In addition, the support service may refuse to return access if it considers that the user has not confirmed that he owns the profile.

Recovering a Steam account is easy if the user has access to the linked phone or email address. In this case, it is enough to use the service to quickly change the password. In the absence of login data, you will need to fill out a form, indicating all known account data in it, after which it will be reviewed by representatives of the technical service.

A couple of tips on how to protect your Steam account from being hacked

Scammers can use various tricks and malware to hack your Steam account. You can avoid this as follows:

  1. Download the Steam app only from the official website: “”. Downloading an app from any other resource may result in your login credentials being stolen.
  2. Do not download hacked free software. It can contain a virus that can transfer your data to an attacker.
  3. Use antivirus protection. We recommend Malwarebytes, but the paid versions of Kaspersky or Avast will also work.
  4. If you did not ask for password recovery and you received an email with a notification “from Steam” and a call to follow the link – do not do it! Steam does not send codes, not links.
  5. Set up two-factor authentication. Use Staem Guard or SMS.

In this case, your Steam account will be completely safe. Attackers cannot directly hack the service itself using software methods. Remember, they can only do this through you, so be vigilant.

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