How to Make Photo Slideshow with Music: 4 Easy Ways to Make a Slideshow

Many users are wondering: how to make a photo slideshow with music? To make a slideshow of photos with music, you need a special program that will allow you to mount a visual sequence of photos to music on your computer.

The choice of programs for creating slideshows from photos with music is now very large. Thousands of developers create montage products. But what if you don’t know what to choose?

In this review, we have collected the most simple and practical tools so that you can choose which program for creating a slideshow from photos with music is right for you.

How to make a photo slideshow with music using Movavi Slideshow Software?

Movavi Slideshow is a user-friendly PC program with a simple interface. Two modes allow you to create a simple slideshow in a few minutes, and to work out a future video in detail by adding effects and animated stickers to your photos.

If you want to create a slideshow effortlessly using the Slideshow Master mode, you just need to add the photos you need to the program, select transitions, choose a suitable music composition from the program library or upload your own music, then adjust the opening and ending credits and duration slides – and you can save the finished video.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

By creating slideshows in manual editing mode, you can add effects such as backgrounds, stickers, animated text and transitions, as well as use numerous tools, including chromakey, color correction, animation and others.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

Features and Benefits:

  • the program has a built-in library of visual effects (backgrounds, titles, transitions, stickers) and music
  • two different modes, which differ in the detail of the slideshow
  • you will be able to independently voice the slideshow by recording a microphone directly in the program
  • no restrictions on the number of uploaded files and the size of the finished video
  • the ability to save the result in a variety of extensions: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, MKV and others

The program is suitable for both Windows and Mac, on the official Movavi website you can find user manuals in Russian, technical support in Russian is also available.

Please note: if you create a slideshow in the trial version of the program, which is free, it will be possible to save the finished video only with a Movavi watermark.

Creating a slide show with FromFoto

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

FromFoto is a service that offers online slideshow creation in a few steps, without downloading and installing the program on your computer.

The service is very easy to use, and you can create a slideshow in it in just a few steps: first you need to select a design style, then upload music (or leave the music of the selected style), then upload your photos and clips, add an inscription that appears at the beginning of the slideshow, and you can save the finished video. Also, before saving, you need to specify your email – it will receive a link to download the finished slideshow.

Features and Benefits:

  • no need to download the program and install it, the slideshow is created online;
  • you can add at least 25 photos and videos, and if the slideshow is too large, the program will offer to create two videos and combine them into one;
  • you can either upload your own music or leave the default music;
  • design of a slideshow in a certain style;

Please note that the process of processing files and creating a video takes 10 hours, if you want to speed it up, you will need to purchase this service.

Photos app on Mac computers

Mac users can use the built-in Photos app to create slideshows. In the application, you can create a quick slideshow or slideshow project.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

In quick slideshow mode, you can select multiple photos in one day (Library -> Days) and play them (File -> Play Slideshow). After that, you can select a theme for the slideshow design and music for the video, and then you need to click the “Play Slideshow” button – and the finished video will be played.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

If you need to create a slideshow project, choose New from the File menu, then Slide Show and then Photo. From the Slide Show pop-up menu, select New Slide Show and enter a name.

You can then arrange your photos in the desired order at the bottom of the window, and then choose a theme and music. The last step is to adjust the duration of each slide show – and you can start the finished slide show.

Features and Benefits:

  • there is no need to download additional programs;
  • you can select music from both the Photos application and the Music application;
  • you do not need to upload a lot of photos to the program, but you can select any photos from those that; is on the device.

Photo slideshow with music using Power Point

Power Point is a program from the Microsoft office line. It is designed for creating presentations, but its functionality also allows you to create slideshows from photos.

First you need to choose a presentation template. The most neutral and suitable for any purpose is “Empty”. After the template is selected, you need to select the “Photo Album” tool in the “Insert” section, then click the “File or Disk” button and add the necessary photos to the program.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

After that, in the “Slide Show” section, press the “Time Settings” button and set the duration of each slide. You can also customize transitions between slides (in the section “Transitions”) and add music (section “Insert” -> “Multimedia” -> “Sound”). After that, you can save the created slideshow, including in video format, through the “Save As” menu.

Слайд шоу из фотографий с музыкой

Features and Benefits:

  • one of the most accessible programs available on almost any computer
  • the ability to customize the duration and transitions for each slide
  • the ability to add music
  • saving both in presentation format and in video format

These programs are the most simple and functional, they are suitable for both beginners and more experienced amateurs. Choose the best one for yourself among the many tools – and you will be limited only by the limit of your imagination.

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