Cloud Gaming: A Comprehensive Guide

Cloud gaming is a technology that has gained unprecedented popularity over the last few years. [...]

Official Release of Windows 11

Windows 11 was officially released in October 2021. The new operating system is now available [...]

Dell Technologies Telecom Solutions Simplify and Accelerate Modern, Open Network Deployments

News summary Dell Telecom Multi-Cloud Foundation is a modern network infrastructure solution with telecom cloud [...]

Dell Technologies and VMware Facilitate Improved IT Agility for Munich Re

News Summary Multi-cloud approach with Dell Technologies and VMware facilitates improved IT agility and adherence [...]

NASA prepares for a mission to the moon as part of the Artemis flight, which will take place in 3 phases

NASA has made public a document with a detailed description of the mission to the [...]

Microsoft Windows XP source code leaked

The 4chan forum posted the source code for Windows XP. The site claims that this [...]

USA scientists create a device to control the growth of human cells

Scientists from the University of Santa Cruz UCSC, California, reported the development of a bioelectric [...]

How to build a gaming computer?

Anyone who has an understanding of how the computer case works and knows the function [...]

Rent dedicated server. Benefits of renting a web server for business

Dedicated server is an indispensable solution for the company, which we use to find high-quality [...]

Dell Technologies Edge Advancements Extend IT Beyond the Data Center

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – October 13, 2021 News summary Dell EMC VxRail satellite nodes extend [...]

Dell Technologies Telecom Software and Solutions Speed 5G and Open RAN Innovation

New telecom offerings automate the deployment and management of open, cloud-native network infrastructure to fast-track [...]

A Bright New Aurora on the Horizon: Alienware Unveils New Flagship Desktop to Commemorate its 25th Anniversary

A Bright New Aurora on the Horizon: Alienware Unveils New Flagship Desktop to Commemorate its [...]

Dell Technologies and VMware Drive Simplicity with New Multi-Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions

Dell Technologies and VMware Drive Simplicity with New Multi-Cloud and Infrastructure Solutions: News summary Dell [...]

Forget Windows 10 – this operating system will be retired…

It would seem that until quite recently the whole world was sad because a whole [...]

How do I find the Windows 10 key in the licensed version? Working ways

The question of how to find the Windows 10 key is relevant for everyone who [...]

How to create a Windows 10 image using the Media Creation Tool and Rufus – step by step instructions

Many users need to create an image of Windows 10. To correctly perform this operation, [...]

Review Dell G7 17 7700 notebook: intel core i7 10th, Nvidia RTX 2070, 16 GB RAM. Dell G7 could be perfect, but ….

The Dell G7 17 7700 is a high-performance gaming laptop. The G7 presented for the [...]

Budget Gaming Laptops: Top 5 Best Models of 2021

One of the key criteria when choosing a gaming laptop is cost. Each buyer seeks [...]

NBC Olympics Selects Dell Technologies Storage Systems for Its Production of Olympic Games in Tokyo

Dell EMC PowerScale family of storage systems to enable NBC Olympics to store and manage [...]

Look your best with the world’s most intelligent 4K webcam in its class

The pandemic forever changed the relevance of video conferencing. Just one week into global lockdowns, [...]

Dell Technologies welcomes Windows 11. News Dell & Microsoft

Dell is excited about Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 11 operating system. Please find [...]

Review of tablets from Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei

When choosing a tablet, you need to take into account the technical characteristics, indicators of [...]

Why are black bars appearing in the video and how to get rid of them?

Today we will figure out how to crop video at the edges and remove black [...]

Alienware & Team Liquid Partner to Encourage the Good in Gaming

Over the last decade, we’ve had the privilege of nurturing the rapid growth of esports. [...]

X Marks the Spot: Alienware targets new frontiers with brand new X-Series Gaming Laptops

Some search far and wide for the “X factor” of mobile PC gaming — the [...]

Portable speaker Sven — rating review of models: PS-47, PS-420, PS-460, PS-650, PS-750

Portable speaker Sven is a wireless audio system with an excellent feature set. The compact [...]

Outreach automation for link building

The word “link building” has long been familiar to online business owners, and often they [...]

How does a VPN work? What is VPN? Find out how to keep yourself safe online!

In this article, we will understand how a VPN works. It doesn’t matter whether you [...]

Latitude 7310 2 in 1 business laptop. Stylish, secure and powerful!

My online magazine PClegko received a Latitude 7310 2 in 1 business laptop for review. [...]


Mobile proxies for any task! Differences between IPv4 and IPv6 proxies

Specialists who are professionally engaged in SMM are well acquainted with the concept of “proxy”. [...]

Review of the APPLE IPHONE SE 2020 smartphone: design, specifications, camera. IPHONE SE vs Samsung Galaxy A51 comparison

Apple has offered its customers the Apple iPhone SE 2020 smartphone as a budget alternative [...]

How to Make Photo Slideshow with Music: 4 Easy Ways to Make a Slideshow

Many users are wondering: how to make a photo slideshow with music? To make a [...]

Samsung Galaxy S21 review: features, design, durability and speed. Compare Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 Pro

Today we are going to review the Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung smartphones were introduced early [...]

Free online video editor InVideo – an overview of the service for editing video in a browser

To quickly create high-quality and advanced videos, you can use a free online video editor [...]

An honest review of the Dell Alienware m15 R3 gaming laptop. Should you buy? Find out in the review!

Dell Alienware m15 R3 P87F002, new 2020 model, went for review in my online magazine [...]


LG 32LK610BPLC Smart TV review: complete set, design and specifications

If you need a modern TV for a reasonable price, pay attention to the LG [...]

Differences Between Gaming Laptops: What You Should Look For

Is it difficult to choose a gaming laptop? Actually not, as the market offers many [...]

React Hooks for Beginners. What are React Hooks for?

React Hooks are required to keep your project clean. React was introduced to the world [...]

iPhone 12: overview of features, display, battery, camera

Apple did not have time to present to the general public a new, this time [...]

Apple iPhone 11 Pro: how to correctly arrange a gadget in installments?

Smart technologies occupy an important part of every person’s life, so it is not surprising [...]

Amazon presented cloud service with video games Luna

Amazon decided to keep up with the competitors of gaming platforms and entered the cloud [...]

Wikipedia will change its design for the first time in a decade

The first redesign of Wikipedia in ten years was announced by the Wikimedia Foundation, which [...]

Microsoft: HoloLens 2 Helps Build NASA’s Orion Space Shuttle

Even the most declared skeptic left no doubt that NASA again wants to send a [...]

Microsoft lifted flooded data center from the seabed as part of Project Natick experiment

While Apple updates its iPhones to iOS 14 and sells new Apple Watch with iPad, [...]

OldGremlin attacks large companies and banks in Russia

The Group-IB cyber threat data collection system has identified a new attack by the OldGremlin [...]

Yandex buys Tinkoff Bank: details of the transaction to sell Tinkoff Bank to Yandex

TGS Group, founded by Oleg Tinkov, on September 22 announced the sale of its main [...]

Huawei EMUI 11 — new features of EMUI 11 and HarmonyOS

At a developer presentation, Huawei unveiled a new version of its own EMUI 11 shell [...]

Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media. Bethesda controlled by Microsoft

Microsoft is clearly not the leader in the console market. And this is not at [...]

Apple will release iPhone 12 mini

An insider on twitter gave a hint that Apple’s next move is the release of [...]

The iOS 14 update is out – what’s changed in the iOS 14 update?

After the presentation, Apple launched an update to the iOS 14 operating system for iPhones. [...]

The speculation on Nvidia graphics cards exceeds all norms!

It’s time for NVIDIA to learn that their new products go hot at the start. [...]

Android apps on Samsung smartphones can be run with Windows 10

The Your Phone program has successfully completed beta testing in the Windows 10 operating system [...]

Logitech revealed a keyboard case for the new iPad Air 4

As soon as Apple’s presentation came to its logical conclusion and the new iPad was [...]

Apple presentation new iPad 8 line, new Apple Watch, iOS

Apple’s presentation took place in a non-standard live broadcast format. Due to the quarantine, Tim [...]

NVIDIA announced its acquisition of ARM for $ 40 billion

The fact that ARM Holdings is being sold was discussed back in July. Apple was [...]

5 Myths about E-commerce that prevent you from opening your Store

There are obstacles at the beginning of any business. Often these are just myths that [...]

Internet security: how to protect payments?

Internet security is extremely important. Most likely, everyone who regularly surfs the Internet has made [...]

How to use a VPN to access the network through a Wi-Fi router?

VPN use, even on home networks, has been gaining traction lately. It’s not hard to [...]

Best Ways to Secure and Manage Your Sensitive Documents

In this digital age, it has become quite difficult to protect sensitive documents. Almost every [...]

The basics of choosing the right laptop. Laptop Buying Tips from Pros

It is not necessary to understand modern IT technologies to choose a laptop. You can [...]

Online manager for the site in video format. A unique business idea from a Russian startup!

We present to your attention the newest online manager for consulting clients and conducting negotiations [...]

How do I find the best battery replacement?

At some point in your laptop’s life, the battery will get worse and worse until [...]

The raider takeover of the Chinese ARM led to a dead end: who is right and who is wrong?

There has been unprecedented public interest around the conflict between ARM’s Chinese and British armies. [...]

Quiz marketing: creating a calculation form for cleaning premises

As a rule, customers value their time and budget, so they are only interested in [...]

TP-Link Wi-Fi 6 routers now go on sale

Huawei’s recent foray into the market for affordable Wi-Fi 6 routers has excited many Wi-Fi [...]

NASA Perseverance rover will seek life on Mars from February 2021

NASA has successfully launched an Atlas-5 launch vehicle into space, which carries the Perseverance rover, [...]

Samsung is already producing 5nm chips and has launched the development of a 4nm process technology

Samsung today released its second quarter 2020 income statement. In addition to interesting figures, the [...]

A tenfold increase in the capacity of lithium batteries with red phosphorus at the same dimensions is a reality, not a myth.

A group of American scientists from Argonne National Laboratory have been able to make progress [...]

Intel company restructuring. Intel’s future in doubt?

The repeated postponement of the launch of mass production of 7-nm processors for another 6 [...]

Kaspersky Lab experts have identified a new type of cryptocurrency fraud and proposed a solution to the problem

In the first 6 months of 2020, Kaspersky lab has identified more than 23 thousand [...]

Video manager for the site – a new development of Garpix engineers

Russian IT-company Garpix has presented a new development – Video manager for the site. A [...]


Telegram for iOS has a video call function

Telegram for iOS has a video calling function, but it is still in test mode. [...]

Donald Trump Gives Way to the Quantum Internet in the USA

At the University of Chicago, at a planned event in the United States, the “quantum” [...]

New gaming smartphone Black Shark 3S lit by the head of the brand

The Black Shark line of smartphones has found popularity in the gaming community. Soon, another [...]

Instacart customers’ payment details hit the Darknet

Names, credit card details, addresses, and information from yesterday’s transactions are sold online. This data [...]

One Touch Voice Changer Voicemod Clips Redesigned And Available On IOS And Android

Voicemod Clips, an application for changing the voice, was released on the iPhone today. This [...]

Qualcomm Announces 40% Lossless VVC Video Compression Algorithm

Qualcomm has completed development of a new 40% video size compression format while maintaining quality. [...]

Samsung Note20 Ultra – release date and video review of the functions of the new device

At the beginning of the month, photos of the flagship gadget Galaxy Note20 Ultra were [...]

Billions of people at risk of a new vulnerability to “burn” a mobile device

Experts from the Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab have identified the vulnerability of the chargers. With [...]

Review of iPhone 12 Pro noname version posted online

Since smartphones with the “apple” logo are popular all over the world, many gadget manufacturers [...]

Samsung wants to create competition for the Xiaomi Mi band

The popularity of Xiaomi Mi band fitness bracelets is stupid to deny, since the 3 [...]

Google Rumors May Be True – Good Corporation Will Disable Popular Camera Feature In Android 11

Due to the software processing of photographs, the quality of the frames taken with the [...]

Hacking Twitter by Hacker – Falling Twitter Stocks as a Result of Hacking

Social engineering and other hacking skills are quite dangerous for many large systems. To protect [...]

Elon Musk will conduct a Starlink closed beta test in the summer of 2020

Elon Musk is a man of his word and is trying to stick to his [...]

Kano Creates New Buildable Tablet PC for Kids Education

Remember that first moment when you untwisted the system unit and you saw the board [...]

Xiaomi introduced the European Redmi 9, Redmi 9C and Redmi 9A

The company, whose products are known to everyone as “top for their money”, on July [...]

The smallest Bluetooth module in the world was created in Korea

Japan was leading the way in miniaturizing electronic components until what happened. TDK, Panasonic, Murata [...]

Samsung Galaxy will ship without charger in 2021

Korean insiders associated with Samsung said that the company plans to abandon the complete chargers [...]

Huawei P40 Pro Plus new smartphone with super camera from Huawei

The new flagship smartphone Huawei P40 Pro Plus has been released by the Chinese company [...]

Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO — an honest review. Should you buy?

Dell has presented a new all-in-one Dell Inspiron 7790 AIO for PClegko review. Let’s clarify [...]


The developer complained that the virtual reality helmet damaged his eyesight

According to the developer of games and applications Danny Bittman, regular use of a VR [...]

Google Meet AI Noise Canceling Live Demo

Google has demonstrated the AI ​​noise canceling feature in Google Meet. Demo on YouTub reviewed [...]

UEFI boot – what is it?

UEFI boot is a new generation program that will speed up computer boot up and [...]


How to install Windows via BIOS: settings, step-by-step guide, tips

How to install Windows via BIOS? Competent setting and precise actions will help you complete [...]


The laptop gets very hot. Causes of laptop overheating and solution to the problem

It’s no secret for any user that if a laptop gets too hot, then it [...]

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